5 tips for making pompoms


Dreamer, today we will give you 5 tips for making pompoms, which are straightforward and versatile decorative elements to make.

You can use them in holiday decorations, knitted garments, or crafts; you can put them anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if you use specialized tools or cardboard templates; sometimes, the result is not what you expect.

That’s why in this post, we share with you the five tips to get the pom poms nice and round cheeky.

Tip 1.

Worsted yarn

The choice of worsted yarn is essential; a puffy worsted yarn will help give your pom-poms more bulk.

And a thin thread will provide your pom-poms more looseness and movement.

  • Select the thread according to the effect you need.

Tip 2.


When winding the yarn to form the pompoms, make sure to arrange it uniformly, fill in one round of thread all the contour.

  • Repeat this step with new layers of thread.

Tip 3.


After cutting the yarn from the template, knot the center twice to secure the thread strips and to be able to handle the pompoms without them unraveling.

Tip 4

Ribbons to fix the pompoms

Remember to leave long strips at the ends of the ribbon; these will be very useful to fix or hang the pompom easily.

Tip 5


After removing the templates, the shape of the pompom may look irregular.

At this point your should turn the piece over and gradually cut off the protruding ends of the worsted yarn until you get a round shape.

  • Use a pair of scissors with an excellent cutting edge.
  • At the end, cut with small scissors to sharpen details.

Now you know the essentials to make super easy and perfect pompoms for placing anywhere you want.

See you in another post! bye for now!

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