6-in-1 stick n’ stitch guide by LIV


Dreamer, today we will show you how to use the 6-in-1 stick n’ stitch guide by LIV; Also, we prepared a stepbystep video for you. Know it!

These are small plastic guides that have a side that sticks temporarily to your sewing machine.

And depending on the position in which you place the guides, it helps you to make backstitches, curved seams, and straight stitches, among others.

Check out the images, and if you like these guides, you already know what will be the following sewing tool for your kit.

Let's to know their uses

This side of the guide goes sticked to the sewing machine.


This guide includes a template, and has different sizes, and you can adjust the seam allowance.

  • Adjust the guide aligning it with the margin of the template.

Use #1

This number one is for sewing straight stitches.


Use #2

For the use number 2, place your tape and the other guide; so the fabric doesn’t move and stays fixed and straight.


Use #3

You can use it to make long seams.

Here place the guide at the distance you need and then stick the other guide under it.

And now your long seam will be fixed.


Use #4

The use number 4, will be for internal sewing curves; here, we need the guide on the curved side aligned with the guide.

And start sewing, this way it will have the same seam allowance.

Use #5

You can use it for sewing external curves.

At this point, we will use the guide stick to the edge of your fabric and start sewing.

So you will have a uniform seam allowance.

Use #6

And finally for the use number 6, which is to make backstitches on both sizes.

Here you will place the curved area of the guide aligned it with the presser foot.

Attach the guide and start sewing.

And this is how you use 6-in-1 stick n’ stitch guide by the Liv brand. 

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To illustrate, also we prepared this video with the step-by-step of how to use the 6-in-1 guide.

Don’t doubt it more and start using accessories and tools to improve your sewing projects.

We invite you to visit our Sewing tools and accessories category, to know the world of possibilities you have for achieving perfect projects.

We hope this post has liked you and inspired you in your following sewing projects. See you in another post and… bye for now!

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