Useful accessories to work with your domestic overlock machine


Dreamer, if you use your overlock frequently, we recommend you always have these accessories for the overlock machine at hand.

They will be very helpful when working.

Although most of the overlock machines come with an accessory case included, we recommend you to have an extra set ready for any eventuality.

Especially if we are talking about needle and blades.

The essential accessories for Overlock machine

Needle plate

The needle plate helps the stitch form and keeps the stitch loops in the stitch guide.

Some brands have needle plates with needle guides of different sizes to change the stitch width for creating many finishes, as a rolled hem


So have near the needle plate your machine requires to make the finishes according to the fabrics of each project.


The blades trim the excess fabric flange before stitching; the upper blade cuts against the lower blade like scissors do; keeping them sharp ensures a clean cut and an even feed.


If you have an additional kit, assure you to continue your project if your blades lose edge or get damaged.


Clip help to thread the machine and are very useful in areas with small spaces.


Hold the end of the thread with the clip and pull it through the eye of the crochet hook or needle.


  • The needles vary from model to model
  • These specifications can always be found in the manual.

We always use the Schmetz Overlock needles, either for domestic or industrial Overlock, which have different gauges (65, 80, and 90).


They are compatible with brands such as Singer, Janome, Brother, and Alfa… among others.

These accessories for the overlock machine are an excellent complement that will help you get a complete approach to your machine and spend less time adjusting the needles.

Tell us in the comments if you know another accessory that allows us to work with an Overlock or serger machine.

See you in the next post! Bye for now!

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