Alternatives to stick fabrics


Dreamer! in today’s post, we will tell you some alternatives to stick the fabrics you can use instead of pins.

Yes! We have so many options and today we share with you our favorites.

Pay attention because now you can avoid damaging your garments with needles and pins.

Also, it’s the moment to simplify your life and your sewing projects if you want to avoid spending time putting and removing pins!

The first option...

Wonder Clips


These handy little clips are capable of handling big sewing jobs.

Whether you’re quilting or sewing some project, you’ll love the versatility of these little clips.

Perfect for sewing vinyl, plastic, leather, and laminates or for controlling bulky fabric and bindings.

The next one...

Fabric adhesive stick

This is one of our favorite alternatives to stick fabrics!

Just apply a few on the pieces you want to join and hold them temporarily.

This very smooth-to-apply adhesive is specially formulated for fabric. It avoids staining your fabrics and your sewing machine.

Also, it doesn’t damage your garments and needles! So you can sew as usually even you use it before.

The stick dissolves with the washing. And it’s ideal for placing patches or pockets before starting sewing.

We test this product with our patchwork projects, and we love the result!

This is an amazing alternative...

Wonder tape


Also you can stitch through this double-sided transparent tape without damaging your needle.

The wash-away wonder tape makes sewing easy by holding seams and hems of fabrics together.

It disappears when the fabric is washed for the first time, leaving you with beautifully stitched symmetrical designs.

A hassle-free alternative to thread basting and pinning.

And the last one...

Eco-mist adhesive

It’s an ideal adhesive for cutting pieces quickly. Did you already know about the use of the Eco-Mist adhesive?

Let’s know how to use it!


Just arrange the patterns on the fabric you will cut, apply a light layer of Eco-Mist on the back of the patterns.


And stick them to the fabric. The adhesive will help you to fix it.

The pattern so that it does not move and, when finished, can remove it without seeing any glue on the fabric, so it’s a temporary adhesive.

As you can see, it’s super easy to use these tools. You like us, test them! You will not regret it!

We hope this post will be helpful for your following projects! And if you know another supply we can use for this task, please tell us in the comments!

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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