Buttonhole presser foot – uses + video


Dreamer, in this post, you will learn about the buttonhole presser foot, what it is and how to use this foot to create buttonholes.

A buttonhole presser foot for a sewing machine makes the process easier and gives you a very professional-looking buttonhole.

First, we will talk about the most common types.

One-step presser foot.

This is the most popular type of buttonhole presser foot.

The one-step buttonhole foot is used on modern computerized sewing machines with an automatic buttonhole feature and works for making 1-step buttonholes.

This foot has a slot in the back to hold your button. 

The foot works with a sensor on your machine to create a buttonhole with the perfect size for your button. 


4-steps buttonhole presser foot.

As its name indicate, this kind of foot breaks down the process into four steps.

The machine will stop after each part and wait for permission to do the next step. 

Some people prefer this method because it gives them more control over the process. 

When choosing the buttons for your project, these presser feet allow you to make this task will be easy because you shouldn’t have a specific size for your foot; you can sew in different sizes.

Another advantage of these buttonhole presser feet is that you can use different kinds of fabrics for your projects and have the best results.

So, let your imagination fly and start doing your projects with the fabric of your choice.

If you still have some trouble sewing buttonholes, we leave the link to a guide on our youtube channel with a step-by-step to using it.

So check it out; it’s a very helpful video. 

Please remember that we recommend using your sewing machine manual always.

Now, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make your projects as an expert!

We hope this post will help you so much and inspire you to create new projects. See you in another publication. Bye for now!

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