Dreamer! Today you will know the main types of buttonholes; each one can have variations according to the style of the garment and the type of fabric.

But mainly they are divided into these two types:

Bound buttonhole

These are strips of fabric sewn to the buttonhole opening to line its edges.

They usually form a rectangle in the center of the buttonhole.

  • More operations and time are required to make this type of buttonhole.

Which is why they are commonly found in more formal or tailored garments and medium to coarse weave garments.

Keyhole buttonhole

Sewing two parallel lines form them with a narrow zigzag stitch and two seams for finishing and reinforcement.


This buttonhole type is prevalent and can be found in casual wear, shirts, and jackets.

Also here we leave you a couple of tips for making this task

Tip 1

To give the button slack

To give slack to buttons when sewing them by hand, you can place a toothpick between the button’s holes and pass the thread over it while sewing.

  • At the end, you can easily remove the toothpick.

Tip 2

To mark the buttonhole

To make your buttonholes fit the size of your button, check the image with this simple tip that will give you the solution.

  • The pins also function as a stopper, preventing more fabric openings.

And as a plus, for finishing we will tell you a tip to make buttonholes in fabrics that are difficult to handle, such as chiffon or satin, check this awesome hack!

Leave your fear of sewing with chiffon... so... let's know what this sewing hack offers.





The nail polish will give body to the fabric, which will help you make the buttonhole in this fabric without moving or fraying quickly.

To finish, we invite you to visit our post about the buttonhole presser foot, where you will find out how to use it and its applications!

We hope you found this post super helpful and especially that you have enjoyed it!

See you in the netx post! Bye for now!

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