Candy pincushion – DIY project

Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to sew a candy pincushion as a DIY project by using fabric scraps. We hope you enjoy this project. For this project, you will use a few materials. Which are: A fabric rectangle (7” x 6”) Fabric scarps or synthetic filling Scissors Pins Thread The standard foot ofContinue reading “Candy pincushion – DIY project”

Halloween Candy bag

Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to create a Halloween candy bag for this season, and we will use our “Pumpkin” patchwork block. Pumpkin Patchwork Project Now let’s start to make the Halloween Candy Bag You will need: Your “pumpkin” block. Outer fabric 9×12″ that matches the fabrics you used for the block. InnerContinue reading “Halloween Candy bag”

Dinosaur bag DIY project for children

Dreamer, we invite you to make this DIY project, in which we show you how to create this amazing dinosaur bag perfect for children at home and lovers of these animals. So get ready to create this original backpack. Check out the step-by-step instructions we have for you in the following images. To start withContinue reading “Dinosaur bag DIY project for children”

Hearts decoration Origami on fabric

Dreamer, in this post, we will show you a step-by-step idea to make a hearts decoration with origami on fabric. It’s a straightforward project requiring no sewing, and you can use those fabric remnants that always are kept. Prepare your fabrics, iron, and get to work! You need: Fabric scraps (we recommend cotton fabrics withContinue reading “Hearts decoration Origami on fabric”

Seed heat bag – DIY project

Dreamer! today, we will show you step-by-step the instructions for making your own seed heat bag! So check out this DIY project and try it! If your back and shoulders ache from spending long hours in front of the sewing machine or computer… This step-by-step sewing project surely will save you! First let’s to knowContinue reading “Seed heat bag – DIY project”

5 tips for making pompoms

Dreamer, today we will give you 5 tips for making pompoms, which are straightforward and versatile decorative elements to make. You can use them in holiday decorations, knitted garments, or crafts; you can put them anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you use specialized tools or cardboard templates; sometimes, the result is not what you expect.Continue reading “5 tips for making pompoms”

Keep your cutting boards in perfect condition

Dreamer! today we present some simple tips to care for your cutting boards and keep them in optimal conditions. Our work tools are an excellent investment; taking care of them helps us extend their useful life and keep them in our workshop for longer. Tip 1 Rotate it periodically and use the back of yourContinue reading “Keep your cutting boards in perfect condition”

Halloween spider web decoration

Hello Dreamers! Halloween is coming, and it’s time to decorate our house, so in this post, we show you an effortless way to make a spider web. The better of this project is the quick way to make it, with some fabric, our sewing machine, and the most important thing to make the effect isContinue reading “Halloween spider web decoration”

ScanNCut SDX225 by Brother

Dreamer, if you like to make all kinds of crafts, the Scan N Cut SDX225 by Brother is the perfect tool for you; learn more about it below. The Scan N Cut SDX225 allows you to cut a wide variety of materials up to 3 mm thick. You can’t imagine the infinite number of thingsContinue reading “ScanNCut SDX225 by Brother”

Make a sewing organizer

Dreamer, for today’s post, we’re showing you a step-by-step guide on how to make a sewing organizer. Continue reading to know the lovely result! Are you ready to start? For this project you need… Materials: Cutting mat 18″ x 14″ fabric rectangle 8″ x 6″ fabric rectangle 20″ semi rigid plastic 3yd of bias MeasuringContinue reading “Make a sewing organizer”

Clean your rotary cutter

Dreamer, if you, like us, prefer to cut your materials with a rotary cutter, we suggest you clean it periodically. Your sewing accessories need maintenance, and today, we tell you when to do it more often, improving their performance and extending their useful life. Click here to buy your rotary cutter Clean your rotary cutter:Continue reading “Clean your rotary cutter”