Materials to create a corset

Dreamer! Today, we will show you which materials are used for sewing a corset. Remember, that the materials should be of good quality, so the result will look neat. Making a corset is a work of many hours. And using these materials will guarantee you to obtain a garment with excellent quality and well structured.Continue reading “Materials to create a corset”

All about men’s suit

Dreamer! We will tell you all about a suit for men. Learn some basic hacks that will help you when to confect and wear suits with a perfect fit. We prepared this post for you to know a little bit about a men’s suit. First Learn about the origin of men’s suits Did you knowContinue reading “All about men’s suit”

A little bit about skirts

Dreamer! Today we will talk to you a little bit about skirts. Know what kind suits you according to your silhouette, learn more about them, and make the most of your figure! First, some facts about skirt origins The history of skirt dates back thousands of years. Cultures such as the Egyptians, Sumerians and Assyrians,Continue reading “A little bit about skirts”

How to do your own scarves

Dreamer! Today we will show you how to do your own scarves as a DIY project; This step-by-step is very easy to make and you can choose the fabric you want. It’s efficient, and doing it will take you very little time, see the procedure to do it in the following images and don’t getContinue reading “How to do your own scarves”

All about my wedding dress

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will tell you all you need to know about the wedding dress. The main detail in a wedding day celebration! The wedding dress is a very important garment and full of details, a whole set of ideas to make the wedding day super special. So in this post we explainContinue reading “All about my wedding dress”

Skirt transformation – DIY project

Dreamer! Today we will transform a skirt as a DIY project. In less than 3 minutes, we will show you one way to do it. Stay here to learn how! A casual skirt is great for daytime, outings with friends or even family gatherings. Surely you have a skirt you no longer wear, or you’reContinue reading “Skirt transformation – DIY project”

Tiaras: fashion accessory

Dreamer! Did you know that… in ancient times, diadems were originally headdresses worn by royalty, and tiaras were worn only by popes? Both terms are used in the same way as these accessories have become more popular nowadays. The ancient Persians wore a high and erect royal tiara encircled with a diadem. Hera, queen ofContinue reading “Tiaras: fashion accessory”

Manufacturing process of a garment

Do you know what the manufacturing process of a garment is? Here we explain the steps you need to take for this: Let’s know the process 1. Design First, you should consider the choice of materials and components of the garment. Basically, you should know that the fabric selection is based on the fabric qualityContinue reading “Manufacturing process of a garment”

Keep your garments in optimal condition and order

Different types of hooks depending on the garment you will place to keep your garments in optimal condition and order in your closet. So, in the today’s post, we will show you how to achieve it. There is one for each garment… Let’s to know them! 1. Use wide-shouldered wooden hangers or hooks to hangContinue reading “Keep your garments in optimal condition and order”

Proportion and balance when dressing

Dreamer, in today’s post, we will show you some tips for dressing according to your silhouette by proportion and balance. Continue reading to know the details. Proportion refers to the relationship between the different parts of a design, and in garments, it can be seen in the structure, colors, and prints. Although there aren’t strictContinue reading “Proportion and balance when dressing”

Tip for finding your correct bra size

Your bra is a daily-use garment that supports your bust. Today we will help you with these tips for finding your correct bra size. This garment must be comfortable and have the right fit; This will help shape the upper part of our body and improve our posture. It can even increase our confidence. TipContinue reading “Tip for finding your correct bra size”

Qipao: Chinese dressing

Welcome, Dreamer! in this post, we will tell you a little bit about what Qipao is. Have you heard about it? Let’s know more… The Qipao it’s made up of several elements that make it an exceptional piece for brides to wear on their wedding day. Check some facts below. Origin First, we will tellContinue reading “Qipao: Chinese dressing”

Trending colors 2022

Dreamer, in this post, we will show you the trending colors in 2022. When you know them, you would add them to your creations and dare to wear them in your day-to-day, as turning in the year’s protagonist. Know the trending colors you will find in this 2022 Veri peri Now is time to tellContinue reading “Trending colors 2022”

Types of pants

Dreamer, in this post, we will show you the types of pants that flatter your silhouette. Here, we leave you this guide. Continue reading to know the details. The world of the pants doesn’t reduce to skinny jeans. There are more possibilities for playing with our outfits. Once… remember that all these types of pants areContinue reading “Types of pants”