Automatic bobbin winder

This post is for you if you have a domestic or industrial embroidery machine! Today we will show you the automatic bobbin winder by Brother. Dreamer, if you want to save some time or avoid buying pre-wound bobbins… The Brother automatic bobbin winder is the best option for you. And today, you will learn aboutContinue reading “Automatic bobbin winder”

How to take care of the embroidery unit of a machine?

Dreamer, today we will show you how to take care of the machine’s embroidery unit and extend its useful life. When doing a new embroidery project, we suggest you consider the following points, avoid failures in your embroidery unit, and you will have better results too. 1. Clean work area. It’s important to check thatContinue reading “How to take care of the embroidery unit of a machine?”

Make embroidery patches in 5 minutes

Dreamer, in today’s post you will learn an effortless way to make embroidery patches with your embroidery machine in 5 minutes. How to make your embroidery patches You will need: Thread and needle for embroidery machine Scissors Embroidery machine Felt Fleece Glue to seal seams For this project we use the Brother SE425 embroidery machine.Continue reading “Make embroidery patches in 5 minutes”

Tips for creating openwork embroidery

Dreamer, if you like to experiment with your embroidery, here are some tips for creating openwork embroidery style. This type will bring a transparent effect to your projects. Tip 1 The materials for this technique are: Special thread for machine embroidery and a bobbin with the same thread color. The recommendation is that you useContinue reading “Tips for creating openwork embroidery”

Cross Stitch – Step-by-step

Dreamer, today we will show you a step-by-step guide for making embroidery cross stitch. A hand stitch considered a craft activity. Do you already know the cross-stitch technique? In this post, we will tell you a little more about its history, and we will tell you step-by-step how to do it. If you enjoy handContinue reading “Cross Stitch – Step-by-step”

Embroidery stabilizer

Dreamer, if you enjoy doing embroidery on different fabrics, our recommendation is always to use a stabilizer for embroidery. If you start using it, you will notice a big difference. Do you want to learn more? We recommend you have a medium thickness stabilizer in your workshop when you use it. It will not addContinue reading “Embroidery stabilizer”

5 Basic materials to work with your embroidery machine

Dreamer, these five basic materials we show follow, should always be in your kit to work with your domestic embroidery machine: Having them at hand will help you make your work easier and with excellent quality! Know them: 1 Embroidery needles: These are specially designed to work at a higher velocity avoiding breaks and knotsContinue reading “5 Basic materials to work with your embroidery machine”

Special threads for domestic embroidery machine

Dreamer, when using your embroidery machine, you should use special threads for the best results. Here we tell you what they are and their characteristics. We recommend you the Gütermann threads because they have a handle range of specialized threads, such as: Cotton 12 Metallic Rayon 30 Rayon 40 They have different colors and resistantContinue reading “Special threads for domestic embroidery machine”

Types of machine embroidery

Dreamer, today we will tell you about the types of machine embroidery. This kind of project explores many possibilities, here we tell you the details. Click here to buy your domestic embroidery machine Additionally, the uses of machine embroidery are in decoration in sewing, personalization of everyday garments, and more. Types of machine embroidery areContinue reading “Types of machine embroidery”

3 Types of embroidery stabilizers

Dreamer, today we will show you 3 types of embroidery stabilizers you can use in your projects for the best results… continue reading to learn more about them. The success of your machine embroidery depends on several factors, such as the fabric, the thread, the type of embroidery, the quality of the stitching, and theContinue reading “3 Types of embroidery stabilizers”

Metallic needle: for domestic sewing or embroidery machines

Dreamer, in today’s post, we will show you the metallic needle, specially designed for use with metallic threads on domestic sewing or embroidery machines. Remember that if you live in Mexico, find these needles with our friends at Casa Diaz; they have several branches, or you can buy them in their online shop; here, weContinue reading “Metallic needle: for domestic sewing or embroidery machines”

Embroidery formats for embroidery machines

Dreamer, nowadays, there are many brands of embroidery machines. Generally, each one has its embroidery formats or embroidery type, that is to say, a digital file with a special ending or extension so that the machine can read and embroider it.  In this post, we share with you the extension of each one; if youContinue reading “Embroidery formats for embroidery machines”

Knots under an embroidery? – 3 causes and solutions

Dreamer, if you have had complications with your embroidery and notice that knots are forming on the back of the fabric, this publication will help you; we present three causes and solutions to fix the knots under an embroidery. 1. Poorly threaded yarn This is one of the most common problems; it may seem obvious,Continue reading “Knots under an embroidery? – 3 causes and solutions”