4 accessories for machine quilting

Dreamer! in today’s post on our blog, we will show you 4 accessories with which you can make machine quilting in an easy and fast way. Our recommendation is to have different presser feet that help us to make the quilting and patchwork tasks easier and needles that allow us to sew several layers ofContinue reading “4 accessories for machine quilting”

Halloween Candy bag

Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to create a Halloween candy bag for this season, and we will use our “Pumpkin” patchwork block. Pumpkin Patchwork Project Now let’s start to make the Halloween Candy Bag You will need: Your “pumpkin” block. Outer fabric 9×12″ that matches the fabrics you used for the block. InnerContinue reading “Halloween Candy bag”

Pumpkin patchwork project

Today, we made for you an ideal step-by-step for the fall season. We will guide you through sewing the pumpkin block as a patchwork project. Prepare your sewing machine and take your time to start this lovely project! Let’s to make a list with the materials you will need: Universal ruler Scissors Finger presser 1/4″Continue reading “Pumpkin patchwork project”

Patchwork techniques

Dreamer! In today’s post, we will show you some patchwork techniques to inspire you and achieve amazing projects with them. First, let’s talk about Patchwork in general; it’s a super nice technique where you take advantage of any piece or remnant of fabric you have. Patchwork is an ancient technique where remnants of fabric areContinue reading “Patchwork techniques”

How to sew a mitered corner

Dreamer! Learn how to sew a mitered corner for your quilting and patchwork projects, in today’s post, we show you how to do it quickly and to get a perfect finish. We prepared a step-by-step on how to achive perfect results when sewing a mitered corner. Save this post and get ready to start aContinue reading “How to sew a mitered corner”

How to use the 1/4-inch foot ideal for patchwork

Dreamer! Today we will show you how to use the 1/4-inch foot ideal for patchwork, which as its name suggests, helps us to sew super precise 1/4″ seam allowances. If you enjoy quilting and patchwork, this post is for you. So stay here to know all about the 1/4-inch foot. In addition, You can makeContinue reading “How to use the 1/4-inch foot ideal for patchwork”

Log Cabin Patchwork

Dreamer! In this step-by-step tutorial we show you how to do a Patchwork “Log cabin”, it’s a very easy technique to do and you can create new designs and textures on the fabric. Here you can find the guide to make the molds and many other step-by-step tutorials on everything related to the world ofContinue reading “Log Cabin Patchwork”

How to square patchwork fabrics

Dreamers and patchwork lovers, we have for you a tip that you should apply before cutting the pieces of your blocks, in this post we will to show you how to square the patchwork fabrics to get the best results in each of your projects. To start you must wash and iron the fabric youContinue reading “How to square patchwork fabrics”

How to use the easy guide to form patchwork triangles and squares

Hello Dreamers! Today we share with you a video in which we will show you how to use a super practical tool for your patchwork projects. It’s an indicator or guide of the LIV brand, specially designed to make patchwork blocks formed by 2 or 4 triangles. With this guide, you can make squares ofContinue reading “How to use the easy guide to form patchwork triangles and squares”

Parts of a quilt

Dreamer, today we are going to talk a little bit about quilting. In the following publication, you will learn the name given to each of the elements or parts that make up a quilt. Knowing them is essential if you want to go deeper into the world of quilting. Let’s take a look at them!Continue reading “Parts of a quilt”

Quilting and Patchwork threads

Dreamers, we know that one of your favorite hobbies is patchwork and quilting; so today, we are going to recommend you 3 threads that are ideal for quilting and patchwork projects! These threads have characteristics and properties that will make your work more accessible. And we suggest you use cotton thread so that it’s “compatible”Continue reading “Quilting and Patchwork threads”

Tips for Quilting and Patchwork projects

Dreamer! Today we will show you some tips for quilting and patchwork to start this activity, these tips will help you become an expert in time. First… The first step in creating your patchwork project is to design the block or blocks to be made. We suggest using graph paper to sketch out your designs.Continue reading “Tips for Quilting and Patchwork projects”

Types of stitching for quilting

Dreamer, in today’s post, we share with you the types of stitching for quilting. Stay here and learn more about it! If you are interested in the world of patchwork and quilting, this publication is for you. First you should know that a quilt is the union of three spliced layers, the main fabric, aContinue reading “Types of stitching for quilting”

Ruler Grip

Dreamer, in today’s post, we will tell you about a fantastic tool, the Ruler Grip by Omnigrid, and how to use it. We are sure this tool will significantly help your patchwork and quilting projects. This is one of the most practical tools for cutting when you do quilting, patchwork, or handicrafts because it allowsContinue reading “Ruler Grip”

Patchwork tip – video tutorial

Dreamer, look at this guide for making patchwork blocks that, at joining, helps you to create new creative designs for your quilt projects. Don’t worry if you have never tried this kind of project, don’t be scared to give it a go… Also, we prepared a step-by-step video to illustrate to you til the end.Continue reading “Patchwork tip – video tutorial”

Quilting terms you should know

Dreamer, if you like Patchwork and Quilting, don’t miss this publication because we will tell you about the essential words and terms you should know and master to become an expert in this technique. 1. Block Unit consisting of fabric pieces sewn together to form a design. 2. Layout How the blocks of a quiltContinue reading “Quilting terms you should know”

Essential feet for quilting

Dreamer, there are some handy and essential feet for quilting and patchwork projects, so don’t hesitate to add them to your kit. If you like to work with this kind of project, continue reading because, in today’s post, we will show you the basic feet for quilting projects. Remember that these feet should be usedContinue reading “Essential feet for quilting”

What is frieze? Quilting supplies

Dreamer, in this publication, we will talk about the generalities of the filling or wadding called frieze used for quilting. This topic is essential in the process of making and the excellent result of your quilts; you will know a little more about this material to select the best option for your following Quilting projects.Continue reading “What is frieze? Quilting supplies”

Tips for using your rotary cutter

Dreamer, using a rotary cutter in your projects makes many cutting maneuvers easier; in this publication, we share some tips you should apply when cutting with a rotary cutter. They are easy to follow, and you will get excellent results in your cuts. Check out the details in the images. You can use your rotaryContinue reading “Tips for using your rotary cutter”

Quilting materials

In this post, we will talk about the different types of quilting materials you can use in your quilting projects. Let’s start to know them. Each of these quilting materials has its advantages. and disadvantages. In each photo, you will find the details about them. Wadding. 80% cotton 20% polyester. It has a very similarContinue reading “Quilting materials”

Slash cutter for chenille quilting

Dreamer, have you heard about the slash cutter by Clover for chenille quilting projects? In this post, we will show you how to use it. Continue reading to know the details. We will introduce you to the details of the chenille quilting and the accessory to achieve it. Ready? Let’s to know how about ChenilleContinue reading “Slash cutter for chenille quilting”

How to use the easy hexagon star templates by Omnigrid

Dreamer, an excellent option to get started with quilting is the Omnigrid templates; here, we will show you how to use the easy hexagon star templates. Step-by-step assembly guide by Omnigrid. Have you known them? They are acrylic templates of 3mm thickness, and each piece includes the seam allowance at a 1/4 in. They areContinue reading “How to use the easy hexagon star templates by Omnigrid”

Padding thickness and uses in quilting

Dreamer, today we will talk a little bit about the padding thickness and its uses in quilting projects. There are different measurements for the padding for quilting or frieze. Next, we will show their classification and their recommended uses. Get the right thickness for each of your projects, and know the classification of thicknesses andContinue reading “Padding thickness and uses in quilting”

3 Ideas for quilting projects

Dreamer, today we will present you three ideas for quilting projects; in this post, you will learn how to make them without templates or specialized rulers. They are easy to make and help you practice and improve your cutting and stitching technique. Continue reading to check all the info. Let’s start! Sampler quilt. The first idea for quilting projectsContinue reading “3 Ideas for quilting projects”