DIY Stenciled pillowcase

Welcome back, Dreamer! In this post, we’ll show you how to make a DIY stenciled pillowcase step-by-step. So please try this lovely and easy DIY project! We hope you will enjoy it! We will do this project with a decoration technique achieved with a template or stencil and textile paint. Let’s learn a little moreContinue reading “DIY Stenciled pillowcase”

What is textile sublimation?

Dreamer, today we will tell you a little more about what is textile sublimation. Sublimation is a printing process generated by printing on a special plotter. This printing uses paper as a support and ink that reacts with heat. Learn more about the process: The process occurs when the ink printed on the paper risesContinue reading “What is textile sublimation?”

What sizes to use for t-shirt prints?

Dreamer, if you like to make t-shirt prints, today we will share with you some sizes that will serve you as a reference. We recommended measurements to use in your print designs and where to place them, based on the sizes of baby, children’s, and adult t-shirts. Remember that the sizes and measurements for t-shirtContinue reading “What sizes to use for t-shirt prints?”