Clean your rotary cutter


Dreamer, if you, like us, prefer to cut your materials with a rotary cutter, we suggest you clean it periodically.

Your sewing accessories need maintenance, and today, we tell you when to do it more often, improving their performance and extending their useful life.

Clean your rotary cutter:

If you work with…

We suggest frequently cleaning your cutter if you have worked with fabrics with long fibers, hair, fluff, or lint, and materials with glitter or glitter particles.

Releasing the blade…

After a few cuts, release the blade by separating the base and the screw and avoid the accumulation of particles that interfere with the free rotation of the blade while cutting.

Clean the base and the screw…

Clean the base and screw with a brush to remove residues and allow the blade to be rotary freely while cutting.


You will notice how the cutter runs smoothly as it cuts over the cutting surface.

Let us know if you know another tip to take care of our rotary cutter.

We hope these easy tips will help you maintain your accessories in better condition for your following projects.

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