How to use cone threads in your domestic sewing machine


Dreamer, today we will share some hacks for you to achieve using cone threads to sew on your domestic sewing machine.

Sometimes we have thread cones that we want to use in our sewing projects with our home sewing machine, and we can’t use them.

That is why we set ourselves the task of finding solutions to this problem that indeed afflicts many of us.

You only need some basic things which you can find in your house.

How to use cone threads in a domestic sewing machine?

Tip 1.

Use an empty spool of thread, place it on the spool holder and pull the cone thread on top.


Tip 2.

Put the cone thread in a cup, then place it behind the sewing machine and thread it as usual.

Your machine will sew correctly without making false stitches with this hack.


Tip 3.

To sew with cone thread on your domestic machine and prevent it from getting tangled or jammed while sewing, you can use a wooden clothespin.

Just hold the clothespin on the machine’s thread holder and run it through the small metal spring.

So you can thread seamlessly thread and sew your projects without wrong stitches or tangles.

Tip 4.

Use a straw and place it on the thread holder of your sewing machine if it has a vertical one, then, place the cone over the straw and thread it as usual.


Do you know another tip to hold cone threads in a domestic sewing machine?

If you have it, please remember to tell us in the comments to share more and more ideas to help other Dreamers in their sewing projects!

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As always, we hope this post will like you. See you in the next with more tips and ideas like this one! Bye for now!

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