Keep your cutting boards in perfect condition


Dreamer! today we present some simple tips to care for your cutting boards and keep them in optimal conditions.

Our work tools are an excellent investment; taking care of them helps us extend their useful life and keep them in our workshop for longer.

Tip 1

Rotate it periodically and use the back of your cutting board to cut, it will help you eliminate confusion with the grid.


So you avoid making cuts in the same place, and the wear will be uniform.

Tip 2

Place it on a flat surface, and avoid storing them vertically.

This could create a curvature in the surface and permanently damage your board.

Tip 3

Keep it away from direct heat sources such as irons, as this can burn and warp it.

Tip 4

If the self-healing surface of your cutting table is already too dry, this is a tip for you to renew it.


If your cutting board has been used for a long time and its surface is already very worn and dry…

You can soak your table in a solution of 1/4 apple cider vinegar to one gallon of water.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth, and your cutting table will be as good as new.

Tip 5

Now… if the cutting mat is dirty, just rub over the surface with an eraser and will look like a new one

Always position your cutting table so you can move around it, and make your cuts from different angles.

If isn’t possible, cut your patterns or fabrics into groups and separate them into blocks to later be able to detail the cuts.

Make the correct use of your cutting tools, and the results will be perfect.

Also, here we leave you a link to find your supplies for taking care of your cutting mats.

And if you want to purchase a new cutting mat, this place is for you too.

We hope these tips for caring for your cutting boards will help you so much and helps to extend their useful life for much more time.

See you in another post! And… bye for now!

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