Dinosaur bag DIY project for children


Dreamer, we invite you to make this DIY project, in which we show you how to create this amazing dinosaur bag perfect for children at home and lovers of these animals.

So get ready to create this original backpack.

Check out the step-by-step instructions we have for you in the following images.

To start with the making of this project we give you the list with the materials that we will use.

Our suggestion for this project is to use a fabric with body and if possible that is rigid to better appreciate the details of the confection.


  • Fabric
  • Lining
  • Interfacing, preferably stiff
  • 2 meters of macramé ribbon or string
  • ½ inch thread saver
  • Thread in the color of your fabric and other decorative threads in contrasting colors**
  • Decorative ribbons or stamens
  • Cording presser foot and appliqué foot
  • Microtex needles
  • Ruler and chalk
  • Sewing machine and basic equipment

To be able to work better we will first cut all the pieces to assemble your bag.

Step 1

Mark and cut rectangles of the sizes in the image:


Step 2

Once you have your fabric cuts, place the interfacing on the back of the 3 x 11 ¾” pieces.

On the front of the fabric mark several lines, leaving a 5 mm border, on the 12 ½ in base and then mark more lines about 12 mm apart.

  • Note: remember that you can make variations to add originality to your project.

Step 3

After this, prepare your machine, make the following adjustments to start sewing.

Set the needle according to your fabric. We will use Schmetz Microtex needle.

On your machine select your favorite decorative stitch, if possible adjust the length and width.


If you have the cording presser foot, this is the perfect opportunity to use it!

In this post, we show you how to use it…


Cording presser foot

We have made this step-by-step guide for using the cording presser foot; it’s very useful to place 1 to 3 thin cords with only one

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Step 4

On each line you drew, sew a ribbon, place them with the help of the lace foot.

**We suggest using at least 2 threads of different colors to create a contrast.

  • Make these decorative seams on both 3 x 11 ¾” pieces.

Step 5

After this, join the back of the fabric pieces together.

  • In the center will be the interlining you put on each of the pieces.

Mark ¼” seam allowance and on this line mark triangles of different sizes, one next to the other.


Sew along the outline of the triangles you traced with a straight stitch length 2.5.

Step 6

And then sew with the appliqué foot and zigzag stitch width 3 and minimum length that your machine allows.

Sew over the straight seam you just made.

Step 7

When you’re done, carefully trim off the excess fabric.

You'll have the dinosaur's crests ready!

Now we’ll see how to assemble and close the body of the bag.

We’re sure that despite the time this project takes, the result will be fantastic!

Step 8

Place one of the 12 ½ x 14” rectangles on your work surface with the front of the fabric facing up.

On top place the piece with the crests aligning it with the edge that measures 14” and leave ¼” free at the bottom edge.


On top of both pieces, place the second rectangle of fabric right side down.

Fix them with clips or pins and take them to the sewing machine with a straight stitch ¼” from the edge.

Step 9

Now join the two rectangles of the lining together and secure with clips.

Sew with a straight stitch on one of the edges measuring 13 ¾” long.

  • Respect the seam allowance of ¼”.

Step 10

Then align the top edge of the lining with the fabric edge, matching the seams right sides together, and sew with a ¼” seam allowance.


You will form a large rectangle with the 4 rectangles joined at the center.

Step 11

Next, fold the rectangle in half, matching the edges. Form a tubular piece, with an opening in the center.

Close the lining area by sewing from the edge to the center, stopping ½” before reaching the center.

Then sew the fabric section, starting from the edge towards the center and stop the machine 1½” before reaching the center.

  • Leave a seam allowance of ¼”.

Now work with the seam opening, mark the ¼” seam allowance by folding over the excess fabric.

And sew with straight stitching on both sides of the tubular piece to pin the excess fabric and form the opening.

Step 12

Turn the tubular piece to the front, and match the back of the fabric and the lining.

Align the bottom edge of the lining with the edge of the fabric and pin them together.

The seam allowance between the lining and fabric will be on the inside of the bag.

Next, sew ¾” from the edge with a straight stitch, this way you will obtain the groove to insert the drawstring.

Step 13

Place the macramé ribbon inside the groove, you can use your loop turner to help you.

To finish, place the thread saver by inserting both ends of the ribbon.

Step 14

Stretch the ends of the ribbons, which should match the corners of the bottom edge; if they are longer, you can cut off the excess.

Knot each end of the ribbons.

Turn the piece over and lift up the lining so you can work with the back of the fabric on the outside, and pin the handle straps to the fabric.

Next, sew the bottom edge of the outer fabric, leaving a ¼” seam allowance.

  • Finish off the corners neatly.

Step 15

Now sew the edge of the lining, leaving a 4” opening in the center.

Turn the bag right side out through the opening and close the lining on the front, marking the seam allowance to the inside of the piece.

And close the bag with a seam that is very close to the edge of the opening, finishing at the beginning and at the end.

Finally, turn the bag right side out, leaving the ridges on the front, and place the lining inside.

With this you have finished this original bag and it's ready to take anywhere!


We know that this sewing project can be a challenge, but with your determination you will be sure to successfully complete your Dinosaur bag.

Hope you have enjoyed this cute DIY project.

Share us the result of your creation and pictures of the process on social networks with @123dreamit, we’d love to see the photos of this bag.

See you in the next post! Bye for now!

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