Embroidery formats for embroidery machines


Dreamer, nowadays, there are many brands of embroidery machines. Generally, each one has its embroidery formats or embroidery type, that is to say, a digital file with a special ending or extension so that the machine can read and embroider it. 

In this post, we share with you the extension of each one; if you want to know them, continue reading below.


Depending on the type of machine you work with, it can read one or several embroidery formats.

Today, we present some of the most common extensions (the letters after the dot in the embroidery name) that can be found for embroidery machines in accord with their brand.


In general, the top domestic embroidery brands can read the following formats:

  • .JAN or .JEF are the extensions chosen by Janome. Also .SEW is used with this brand.

  • The Sai de Tajima embroidery machines require files with a .DST or .EXP extension.

  • For Brother embroidery machines, you can use the .PES or .DST extensions in domestic embroidery machines.

  • The serie PR embroidery machines recognize tree extensions: .PES, .DST and .PHX

  • One more example is the duo embroidery machine by the Alfa brand, this machine can read all of these formats: .ZHS, .DST, .JEF, .XXX, .HUS, .PEC, .PCS, .SEW, .VIP, .VP3.

  • And for finishing with the machines, the Singer brand can read a wide extensions variety:

.SHV, .DHV, .VP3, .VIP, .HUS, .PEC, .PES, .PCS, .XXX, .SEW, .JEF, .EXP, .10* and .DST

(For embroidery files) .VF3 (embroidery fonts files).

Domestic sewing and embroidery machine 2 in 1 - Alfa duo

As you can see in the pics, each brand has its digital file format with a particular extension; this way embroidery machine can read the format and embroider it.

Some machines can read one or many embroidery formats.

These files are so easy to use if you have them in the correct extension, so you just should save them on a USB and download them directly into your embroidery machine.


Once in your machine, you can select the design, make the necessary size adjustments, and modify it for moving or turning it in accord with your project requirements.

Now we show you the digital embroidery formats more common for embroidery machines.

Although we should remember that you can use the programs or embroidery software to create your designs from 0, even you can change from one embroidery format to another for you to use in different embroidery machine brands.

Note: Remember to check in your manual which your machine supports formats. Please, if you know more embroidery formats, you can share the info in the comments box with us.

We hope the information we show you today has liked you and has been very helpful for your following projects.

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See you in another post! Bye for now!

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