Embroidery stabilizer


Dreamer, if you enjoy doing embroidery on different fabrics, our recommendation is always to use a stabilizer for embroidery.

If you start using it, you will notice a big difference. Do you want to learn more?

We recommend you have a medium thickness stabilizer in your workshop when you use it.

It will not add extra thickness to already thick fabrics, and it will work perfectly with thin fabrics to give them stability.


If you need to add more thickness to very thin fabrics, you can use two layers of this stabilizer.

We recommend you get the stabilizer of the brand Liv.

Its composition is 100% cotton, and it doesn’t need ironing or adhesives

To use it, you only have to place it under the fabric when you close the embroidery frame.


This product is available in a roll of 12″ wide and 72 ft long in white.

  • Perfect for use with fabrics of different colors without being visible from the front.

In addition, you will get excellent results without gathering, wrinkles, or visible perforations in your embroidery


With this type of fleece, you won’t have adhesive residue on your fabrics to keep them in perfect condition.

As you can see, this type of interfacing for embroidery will have many benefits in your embroidery work

Also, here we leave you a post with information about choosing your ideal type of embroidery stabilizer, according to the project you will make.

And, remember that if you live in Mexico, don’t hesitate any longer and get them in the online shop of our friends at Casa Diaz. 

We hope you have enjoyed this post. See you in the next and bye for now!

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