Essential needles in your sewing kit


Dreamer, in today’s post, we will talk about the essential needles you should have in your sewing kit. Don’t miss this basic for your projects.

If you are starting in the world of machine sewing, when buying needles, we can find a wide variety of needles with different functions.

This can complicate the task of choosing the type of needle that we should take.

So here are 4 types of needles that we consider essential and perfect to have in our sewing kit; each one comes in different sizes.

It would help if you chose it according to the thickness of the fabric you will work with.

If you haven’t this kind of needle at home, we share the links to buy them.

Remember that these needles are only for domestic sewing machines.

Let's know them

Universal needle


Universal needles are solid workhorse needles compatible with most fabrics.

Sew a dress, hem a pair of jeans, make a quilt, stitch lingerie…

Universal needles are all-purpose needles.

  • Suitable for sewing a wide range of fabrics.
  • Gauge: Universal needle 60/8 to 120/19.

Jeans needle


Add to your sewing kit needles for denim fabrics; some of the advantages of using them are:

Using them, you will avoid breaking the fabric’s threads thanks to its modified ballpoint.

These are designed for thick fabrics, and their reinforced structure is ideal for sewing denim and extra heavy fabrics too.

Available in various gauges, it reduces the risk of fiber breakage and helps prevent false stitches.

  • Penetrates complex fabrics more easily.
  • Gauge: Jeans needle 70/10 to 110/18.

Stretch needles

The stretch needle has a medium ballpoint.

The short and narrow eye and deep scarf are specially designed to prevent skipped stitches.

Schmetz Stretch is the needle of choice when stitching elastic materials and highly elastic knitwear.

If you use conventional needles, they will cut the threads of the fabric when sewing, creating tiny holes that damage your fabric.

  • Gauge: Stretch needle 65/9, 75/11, 90/14.

Twin needle


It allows you to make a double back stitch in a decorative way.

By the right side, it sews double backstitch, and by the backside of the fabric, it sews a kind of zig-zag.

We recommend you select straight stitches, and if you use decorative or zig-zag stitches before sewing, prove to turn the wheel.

That way, you ensure that the needles are not choking on the presser foot or the sewing machine plate.

If the needles choke, it means that the selected stick isn’t the one that works with the twin needles, and you must try selecting another stitch.

Avoid breaking your needle or damaging your machine, and always do sewing tests adjusting your machine.

  • Ideal for parallel stitches and decorative stitches.
  • Gauge: Twin needle in sizes 70/10 to 90/14.

Dreamer, now you know the essential needles you should have in your sewing kit for better project finishes.

Select the right needle for each project you will make and ensure work efficiency.

We hope this information has helped you. See you in another post, and bye for now!

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