How to thread your Singer Facilita Pro 4423


Dreamer! Today we will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to thread the Singer Facilita Pro 4423 sewing machine.

To start, wind the bobbin





Place on the bobbin winder and slide the bobbin spindle to the right.

Place the thread on the thread holder and secure it.

Follow the steps in the guide by placing the thread at the points marked with the dotted line.





Wind the thread at the back and forwards on clockwise, winding the thread 5 times around the bobbin with the end of the thread.
Now, start winding and wait until the bobbin is full.

Then cut the thread and slide the bobbin spindle to the left and remove your bobbin.
Now the next step will be to thread the needle thread.

Start by placing the thread on the thread holder and secure it.
The thread should pass under the spool.





Thread it through points 1 and 2.
The thread should pass through the right groove.

Then bring the thread up through the left groove.

Bring the needle up to the highest point and pull the thread through the take-up lever.



Slide the thread down through the groove and then insert it into the two needle bar guides.

To thread the needle, pull the thread to the left side, hook it into the threader, and lower the lever.


Then bring the thread to the right side and pass it just in front of the needle, pulling the thread slightly up from the tip toward the eye of the needle to place it on the hook that will pass the thread through the eye of the needle.

With your fingers hold the thread from the back of the needle and slide it up until the tip of the thread passes through the eye of the needle.



Finally, place and thread the bobbin. Remove the cover and place the bobbin so that the thread turns counterclockwise with a loose end of approximately 4 inches.

Pull the needle thread slowly; this will help you pass the bobbin thread up the needle plate.

Pull the end and pass it through the small slot in the bobbin case.

Place the needle plate cover.

You're done!

We made this step-by-step with a Facilita Pro 4423 by Singer, but…

Remember that this tutorial can be used for almost any domestic sewing machine, whether mechanical or digital.

We hope after this post, you don’t have any trouble threading your domestic sewing machine.

If you have, doubts please tell us in the comments and we will be glad to help you.

Also, we invite you to learn a little bit more about domestic sewing machines and their accessories or tools. Just click the button and check the sewing machine posts we made for you.

See you in the following post! Bye for now!

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