Essential feet for quilting


Dreamer, there are some handy and essential feet for quilting and patchwork projects, so don’t hesitate to add them to your kit.

If you like to work with this kind of project, continue reading because, in today’s post, we will show you the basic feet for quilting projects.

  • Remember that these feet should be used only in domestic sewing machines.

Applique presser foot


The applique presser foot has a wide opening that allows better visibility and is perfect for place appliques.

  • You can find this foot in transparent or metal.

1/4 inch presser foot

This presser foot has the perfect distance to sew close to the edge without constantly measuring. 

1/4 inch is the size most used by patchwork fans worldwide. 

  • That’s why this foot’s length was standardized.

Darning presser foot

With the darning presser foot, you can make quilting designs, curved lines, waves, or floral designs with this foot.

  • Remember to use this foot; you must lower the feed dogs or place the cover over them.

Walking presser foot

This presser foot has additional feed dogs to help you slide the quilting layers easily. 

  • And you can also add a guide to create parallel lines without any problem.

Now you know how to choose the correct presser foot when working in your following quilting or patchwork projects.

Try using it for each task; you will notice that it’s easy to make them with these feet for quilting, the finishes will be perfect, and you wouldn’t leave them.

If you don’t yet have some presser feet, here we leave you the link of our friends at Casa Díaz.

They have a variety of presser feet kits that you would purchase for better and professional finishes in your following projects.

If you don’t know how to use some of these presser feet, visit our accessories category, so you will be ready and prepared to work on your following quilting projects

See you in another post with more hacks and information like this. Bye for now!

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