Fray check seam sealant


Dreamer! In today’s post on our blog, we will share with you some useful tips for the Fray check seam sealant application.

We have already told you about this perfect liquid to seal seams and prevent our fabrics from fraying.

But today, we bring you the main tips on how to apply it.

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If you have trouble with fraying seams, you will love this sealer.

It’s ideal for preventing the fabric from unraveling, you can place it at the beginning and at the end of the seams, just at the finishes.

  • It also doesn’t stain the fabric and is washable in water and dry.

Let's list the tips.

1. Test it.

Always test in a small area to verify your use of it on that specific fabric.

Generally, it doesn’t fail, and it works for almost all types of fabrics, but better safe than sorry.


2. Use a cardboard.

Place a piece of cardboard between the fabric you will work with and the other layers of fabric to prevent them from sticking.

3. Remove excess product.

After applying, remove excess Fray check seam sealant with a little bit of alcohol and let dry for 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Handle your garment until the time has passed and the application area is completely dry.

4. Sew as usual.

Now, you can start sewing as usual, without the fabric fraying.

If you haven’t added it to your kit yet, don’t doubt it, and get yours ASAP!

It’s super economical, and you’ll love it.

Give it a try and start sewing your projects without any problems because of fraying seams.

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We hope you find this post useful. See you in the following! Bye for now!

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