Manufacturing process of a garment


Do you know what the manufacturing process of a garment is? Here we explain the steps you need to take for this:

Let's know the process

1. Design

First, you should consider the choice of materials and components of the garment.


Basically, you should know that the fabric selection is based on the fabric quality required, like fabric color, fiber content, surface texture, hand feel, and physical and chemical properties.

2. Pattern making

The second point is where patterns are made:

From the design sketch and product specification sheet. These paper templates are called a pattern.

3. Sampling

Next, you will make a sample to adjust budgets and help as a guide to calculating project expenses.

Also, remember that you cannot continue the process without sample approval.

4. Graduation


Now you can start the production, as the patterns are scaled to different sizes to be made.

5. Stroke

At this point, you should mark the patterns on the fabric.

Indeed, it would help if you respected the lines, plumbing, notches of the patterns, and all the details.

6. Cutting

Once you have the after steps, the production will be cut.

But, it’s essential to consider the cutting lines so that measurements and sizes are not altered.

Before cutting fabric, you need a cut order plan to be prepared, and the fabric is taken from the fabric store according to the requirement.

7. Production


Now you will manufacture the sample in different sizes, with the instructions given in the design, joining the pieces considering the seam allowances and poise to match.

Your design is ready.

And now…

Finally, for a complete outfit, we must consider our footwear.

In addition, if you want to venture into this type of design, the process to achieve it is as follows:


Remember that being a part of your outfit, the processes do not vary much; just remember to do several tests until you become an expert.

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