How to avoid gathering on lightweight fabrics


Have you ever noticed that the fabric gathers on the seam sides? These factors can do this on lightweight fabrics and how to avoid gathering.

Dreamer, today we will share with you some factors that can do this on lightweight fabrics while sewing.

If the fabric you are sewing is so thinner, please take a look at the following points.

Use tissue paper

Some thin fabrics gather when sewing a single layer.

  • To avoid these wrinkles, place a piece of thin paper under the fabric.

You can use tissue paper one of the thinnest papers with features a smooth finish instead of a crinkled one.

Presser foot pressure

Check that the presser foot pressure isn’t too high.

  • Remember always adjust it according to the thickness of the fabric.

Stabilize the fabric

When sewing, stabilize the fabric with your hands, keeping the fabric gently stretched without exerting too much tension.

  • Never to exert too much pressure or pull so much that the needle moves.

Apply interfacing

To avoid gathering on lightweight fabrics, use interfacing in areas such as necklines or trouser hems.

  • And select the correct interfacing for the fabric you are sewing.

Check this post to see the correct type of interfacing you can use for your project.

Use the right thread

Use extra fine thread for machine sewing lightweight fabrics.

  • Reduce the tension of the upper thread, and you can regulate it until you find the right balance.

Use the right needles

When sewing lightweight fabrics such as silk, organdy, or crepe, use a 60 or 65-gauge needle.

  • Preferably, use a new needle to have a perfect point to help prevent the fabric from gathering.

We recommend you use the Microtex needle by the Schmetz brand, but you should always check the right one for your fabric.

Follow these tips and get perfect finishes without gathering on your lightweight fabrics.

We hope this post will help you so much in your following projects!

See you in the next… Bye for now!

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