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Dreamer, today we made a post to teach you how to identify good-quality threads. So you will have the best finishes in your projects!

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A good quality thread should be uniform, this way, you produce the least amount of lint possible when sewing

And less lint equals a better finish for your garment, and your machine will thank you for it.

So… use good-quality threads! Now check the complete info below to know how to identify them.

There are 3 essential steps or characteristics to determine if your thread is the best for your project.


Good quality threads have smooth and continuous strands.


More little hairs you see coming out around your bobbin means the quality of the thread is lower.

This will also affect your sewing machine, due to more lint will form and lodge inside your machine while you sew.


If you take a section of yarn, stretch it, and it breaks easily, it means that its quality is low.


Good quality threads have the same color throughout the spool.


And no matter where you buy it, if it’s the same thread code, it should be exactly the same color.

We always recommend you the threads by the Gütermann brand because their quality.

They offer us all of these 3 characteristics. Don’t doubt to start your projects with the best materials for each one!

If you don’t know where to obtain your good quality threads, here we share with you the link to the online store of our friends at Casa Díaz, where you will find all the supplies you need.

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