How to use the easy guide to form patchwork triangles and squares


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Today we share with you a video in which we will show you how to use a super practical tool for your patchwork projects.

It’s an indicator or guide of the LIV brand, specially designed to make patchwork blocks formed by 2 or 4 triangles.

With this guide, you can make squares of 5 different sizes, and it’s very easy to use.

Learn the details of this accessory and the step-by-step of how to use it in this video.

We have already tried it, and we are sure it will help you to create amazing blocks for your quilts.

Prepare your fabrics and forget about the angles!

With this little tool, you will get fabulous results fast and easily.

After using the tool to create some blocks, we found it super handy for making our patchwork projects.

The indicator or guide of the LIV brand is specially designed to make patchwork squares of 2 or 4 triangles.

Let's to know more about the guide to make patchwork blocks!

With this guide, you can make squares in 5 different sizes marked on the guide’s central bar.

However, to create your blocks, you must consider the final size it should have, for example, if you want the block to be 3½ inches.


Now, if you want your block to be made of 4 triangles, you should be guided by the right side of the bar.

And if you want your block to be made of 2 triangles, you should be guided by the measurements of the left side of the bar.

This way, you will get the measurement to cut your fabric squares.

  • Note: Here, you should consider the number of pieces your project requires, and the fabrics you will work with.

Once you have your fabric pieces, you can start tracing the guidelines for the seam allowances.

Follow the procedure shown in the video, depending on your choice for 2 or 4 triangles.

If you like this accessory and want to add it to your patchwork kit, here is the direct link to buy it in the online store of our friends at Casa Diaz.

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Dare to try it; you will surely love this tool; don’t hesitate and obtain fabulous results quickly and easily ASAP!

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