Halloween Candy bag


Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to create a Halloween candy bag for this season, and we will use our “Pumpkin” patchwork block.

Now let's start to make the Halloween Candy Bag

You will need:

  • Your “pumpkin” block.
  • Outer fabric 9×12″ that matches the fabrics you used for the block.
  • Inner lining, color matching the fabrics used for the block
  • Thread in the color of your fabric
  • Ribbon 1″ wide – 22″ long
  • Rings 1″ diameter
  • Microtex needle
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing equipment: scissors or rotary cutter, chalk, ruler, measuring tape, etc….

Now that you have the materials you are ready to start

Step 1

Mark and cut the following pieces:

  • 2 pieces of 9″×12” in lining fabric.
  • Rectangle 9″×12” in the outer fabric.

Measure and cut on the 2.5 cm wide tape 2 strips:

  • One of 16″
  • One of 5″

Step 2

Fold the ribbons in half, you will get a 8″ long strip and a 2 1/2″ long strip.

On the shorter strip place the ring right in the middle, you can fix it with a small seam near the edge of the ribbon.


Set your sewing machine

Prepare your sewing machine with thread and needle, select straight stitch with a length 3.

Step 3

Place the 8″ ribbon on the fabric rectangle, align the ribbon to the center of one of the 9″ edges, sew with straight stitch length 3, leaving 1/2″ distance from the edge.


Then place the 2 1/2″ ribbon on the patchwork block, aligned to the center of the top edge, pin and sew with a straight stitch length 3.

Step 4

Once you have pinned the ribbons to the outer pieces, join a rectangle of lining to the right side of each of the outer pieces.


Sew over the top edge, leaving 1/2″ seam allowance, with straight stitch length 3.

Step 5

Open the seams you just made and leave the pieces extended, you will get two rectangles.

Face them right sides together aligning the seams, the center and matching the lining with the outer fabric and the patchwork block, fix with pins.


Sew with a straight stitch leaving a 4″ opening at the edge of the lining.

Sew around the edge 1/2″ from the edge and pivot at the 4 corners.

Step 6

Close the opening you left by sewing with a straight stitch very close to the edge, finish off at the beginning and at the end.


Step 7

Place the lining inside the bag and finish off with a topstitch 5mm from the edge


Your Halloween candy bag it's done!


You have finished your bag with a handle to carry it and put in your favorite candies.

Now you are ready for a perfect trick or treat in this Halloween!

We hope you try this project and tell us about your experience!

If you are looking for more step-by-step or DIY projects for this season, here we leave you some links to them.

See you in the following post! Bye for now!

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