How to avoid gathering in fabrics with thick or open weaves


Dreamer, today we will share with you some simple hacks that will help you to avoid gathering in thick fabrics or open weaves.

First, we can tell you that dense fabrics and very open weaves tend to gatherer more than other fabrics.

So it’s essential to consider it when choosing the project and the kind of fabric you will use to avoid these gathering forms while you are sewing.

If you are having this trouble, we suggest checking your sewing machine and following these tips.

Are you ready to avoid gathering? let's know the tips

Tip 1.

Use new needles

When you work with this kind of fabric, place new needles on your machine.


This will help you to make perfect seams because a bent or worn needle could cause gathers.

We recommend you use the Schmetz needles because they have a wide needle variety specially designed for the fabric characteristics.

Tip 2.

Adjust the stitch length

The first thing you should consider in your sewing machine configuration is the stitch length.


If the fabric gets gathered while you are sewing, make an adjustment to increase the stitch length.

This way will be more space between the knitted threads on each needle penetration.

Tip 3.

Proportional thickness

Another recommendation to help you avoid the gathers in your fabrics is to check the thread thickness and select a thickness proportional to the fabric you will sew.

  • I.e., use twine thread for denim projects or thick gabardine, don’t forget to take your needle into account.

Also, you need to select the correct kind of needle, assure you to choose the proper gauge for the fabric.

Tip 4.

Machine feed

The next point you should consider is the machine feed; probably, the feed dogs don’t move the layers of fabric uniformly, and this defacement makes gathers.


The solution it’s by placing pins along the seam allowance to secure the layers of fabric you will join and maintain a uniform feed.

We hope these tips will improve the seams and avoid gathering seams.

If it’s the first time you will work with this kind of fabric, make tests on remnants before sewing the garment.

So you will have the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to avoid the gathers on thick fabrics without unstitching.

Check out more sewing hacks that will help you so much.

If you know another tip that could help us to fix this problem, don’t hesitate, and please share it with us in the comment box.

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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