How to change the threads on your domestic Overlock machine


Dreamer! Today you will learn to change the threads from your domestic overlock machine with this easy and quick step-by-step guide!

In addition, you will find a video with the tutorial to better illustrate this task!

Let’s start!

Step 1

Cut the threads you already have.

  • Cut them after the support base.

Step 2

And remove all the reels.

Step 3

Now, place the threads that you are going to use.

We recommend that when you work on a project on your domestic Overlock machine, you can use domestic threads made of textured polyester or nylon.

Remember that we recommend the Güterman threads due to their excellent quality fibers.

These have a higher resistance, which prevents them from quickly bursting while making a seam and maintaining the finish on the edges of the fabric.

This nylon thread is recommended for hooks of the Overlock that are those that realize the loops of the seam, whereas, with needles, it’s recommended to use synthetic polyester thread.


Step 4

The next is to cover them with the yarn net.

Step 5

Now, put the threads on the support bar.

  • Pass the thread through guides 1 and 2 from back to front.

Step 6

Tie the ends of the new thread with the already threaded thread.

  • And repeat the procedure with the following threads.

Step 7

For step 7, you should reduce the disc tension to zero so the threads slide smoothly.


Step 8

Remove the collection container and then open the cover.

Step 9

Pull the thread from the 1st hook until you pass the knot through all the guides.

  • Also, do the same with the thread from the second hook and the threads that go to the needles.

Step 10

Now pass the knot through the eye of the needles.

  •  Do it carefully so as not to break the needle or thread.

Step 11

Pull the thread from the 1st hook until you pass the knot through all the guides.

Step 12

Put the clamps back in the cover and close it.

Step 13

Place the collection container back.

  • And then return the tension discs to number four or the tension you usually employ.

Step 14

Make a few stitches so that the overlock stays threaded.

Ready! You already changed the threads of your domestic overlock machine!

As a plus, here we leave you the video tutorial to achieve the change of the threads on your Overlock machine.

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We hope this post will help you so much, fav it and read it as times as you still be an expert in changing the threads on your domestic Overlock machine.

See you in the next post! Bye for now!

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