How to close a bias bound seam


Dreamer, in today’s post, we will show you how to close a bias bound seam when placing it with your sewing machine.

You can apply this method when sewing with a standard presser foot or whit a trimming presser foot.

In the end, you will have a clean and flat finish; check the step-by-step we prepared for you.

How to close a bias bound seam *Step-by-step*

Step 1.

When you start to sew this type of bias, we suggest starting in the middle of one of the edges of the piece of fabric.


This way, it makes it easier to close the bias-bound seam.

Step 2.

To start sewing, you should place the bias tape inside the presser foot guide and make a 45º cut at the end of the edge. 

Then, insert the end into de binding guide with the fabric.

Note: If you will place the bias with the standard presser foot, make this cut too.

Step 3.

Continue sewing along the contour, and stop sewing approx. 2 inches before the zone you start to place the bias.

Step 4.

Next, measure the bias to overlap 1-1 1/2 inches with the start of the bias.

After measures, make a 45º fold at the end and cut.

Step 5.

Now place the excess ribbon under the inside fold of the bias, as shown in the picture.


This will help fix the fold while the bias passes inside the trimming presser foot guide.

Step 6.

Continue with the stitch at the end of the bias; it will overlap with the beginning.

Slow down the speed to ensure it’s aligned with the down bias, and continue sewing.

Step 7

When you reach the end, make a couple of stitches to finish off and secure the ribbon.


Step 8

When finished, you will have a soft finish with no bulky fabric; this technique can also be used when applying bias with a straight stitch or zig-zag presser foot.


Ready, dreamer! Now you know how to close the ends of your seams with bias tape, with a straightforward and easy-to-follow method.

We hope this post has been of great help to you to give a spectacular finish to your projects with this step-by-step that we made for you.

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See you in the next post. Bye for now!

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