Log Cabin Patchwork


Dreamer! In this step-by-step tutorial we show you how to do a Patchwork “Log cabin”, it’s a very easy technique to do and you can create new designs and textures on the fabric.

Here you can find the guide to make the molds and many other step-by-step tutorials on everything related to the world of sewing.

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Let's start!

To achieve this technique, you must cut your pieces as shown in the image.


How to achieve Log Cabin Patchwork

Step 1.

Once you have the molds of this design, don’t forget to number them from 1, 2, 3… to the number you get.

Step 2.

Choose the fabrics you will use or use fabric remnants.

Now cut the molds on the fabrics and don’t forget to put the pattern with the number again.

This is so we don’t get lost when sewing.

Step 3.

We will start by joining piece 1 with piece 2, pin it to make it easier to sew.

Step 4.

And on your machine sew the pieces with a straight stitch.

  • We leave a seam allowance of 1cm on all the pieces.

Step 5.

Once pieces 1 and 2 are joined, sew them to piece 3. Again, pin and sew.

The most important thing in Patchwork is to join the pieces correctly.

Step 6.

Now sew the pieces you just joined to piece number 4, and so we will continue sewing successively until we finish with all the pieces.

That is, the 3 and 4, join with the 5… the 4 and 5 join with the 6… until you finish with your blocks.

  • Join all the pieces following the order of the molds.

Step 7.

Once you finish sewing, you have a perfect assembly and you have a new canvas to start working on whatever you want.

  • Another very important step in Patchwork is to iron all the seams.

With this, you flatten seams and it looks nicer.


Remember that you can make any size canvas you want… it all depends on what you want to do.

You can make garments, cushions, quilts, or any craft.

We applied it to this dress:


Before finishing, if you want to print the mold of the pattern pieces, here we leave you the guide PDF.

We hope you liked this post and enjoy making a new project with this super nice technique.

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See you in the next post! Bye for now!

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