How to duplicate a blouse


Dreamer! Today, we will show you how to duplicate a blouse with an easy step-by-step. Check how to do it in the following images.

We recommend you use for this project a blouse you don’t wear anymore, because we will undo them.

  • With this step-by-step you can make clothes that fit and look good on you.

To duplicate a blouse you will need:

  • A cutting mat
  • A shirt you like and want to remake
  • 1yd of any fabric you like
  • 1.50 yd of bias
  • A seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Small scissors
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Standard foot
  • Universal needles
  • And an iron

Step 1.

1. The first thing you have to do is separate the blouses pieces with a seam ripper.

  • If it has a bias so removing it. Be careful not to tear the fabric.

Continue removing the seams.

Also, remove the overlock seams so you can keep the seam allowance.

Continue like this until you finish all the pieces.

Step 2.

2. Once you have all the pieces these will be the patterns.

Lay your fabric in a surface and place each pattern to the grainline; be careful not to stretch the pieces.

Hold them with pins.

  • Each pattern already includes the seam allowance.

Step 3.

3. Now, cut all the pieces.

Cut all the patterns until you finish.

  • Try to make clean exact cuts.

Step 4.

4. Remember to pay special attention to the details in your shirt.

  • For this blouse we have to add 6” that will gather.

Step 5.

5. In your machine give a loose seam between the pins, then pull the thread to frill the fabric.

Step 6.

6. Pin this piece to the shirt front and sew it with a straight stitch 1/2” from the edge.

Now the front piece is ready.

Step 7.

7. To avoid using the overlock we will close the seam with a bias.
Sew 1mm to the edge.

Step 8.

8. Place back and front pieces facing right sides together and pin them along the sides to sew.

Step 9.

9. Sew with straight stitch 5mm from the edge and again hide the seam with the bias.

  • Remember this is another way avoiding the fabric to unravel.

Repeat the procedure.


Step 10.

10. Put the shoulders together and sew them. And, again hide the seam with the bias.

Step 11.

11. Remove the flat bed attachment so it’s easier to sew the armholes.

  • Sew the bias on the front of the armhole.

Leave without sewing 1” at the end and at the beginning of the armhole.

  • Sew the bias on the 1” and give security stitches.

Here you can check how to make your own bias tape for your pojects. Save this post!

Step 12.

12. Cut the excess of bias giving 5mm from the seam.

  • Cut notches on all the armhole so the seam looks nice.

Fold twist the bias and sew it 1mm on the edge; and repeat the procedure on the other armhole and in the neckline.


Step 13.

13. To do the hem, sew the bias on the front of the fabric. Now sew the first folding of the bias.

Step 14.

14. At last fold the bias and sew it 1mm from the edge.

Step 15.

15. And always remember ti give a good presentation, you should always iron the seams.



Now you know how to duplicate your blouse.

Now you can apply this step-by-step on how to duplicate a blouse, in another shirt you don’t use anymore and make a new one!

We hope you have fun with this post and try this new tip in your following sewing project!

Are you looking for more DIY or step-by-step tutorials?

See you next time! Bye for now!

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