How to identify if your fabric is natural, artificial, or synthetic?


Today, we will show you an easy way how to identify your fabric fibers; I mean: if they are natural, artificial, or synthetic.


It’s straightforward to recognize if your fabric is made of natural, artificial, or synthetic fibers; you just have to burn a small piece of fabric.

...the key?

See its ashes to acknowledge the differences.

100% Natural fiber fabrics

They burn easily, with a bright flame, giving off a smell similar to burnt paper turning into ash.

How to identify fabrics of artificial fibers:


They are resistant to heat and do not burn so quickly; they give off a smell of burnt paper without becoming ashy.

They are susceptible to the sun’s rays, so they fade with exposure to the sun.

Synthetic fiber fabrics:


Burn easily at shallow temperatures and become chewy, giving off a smell of burnt plastic.

If you do this test, we recommend you always do it in an open area.

Here we leave you this video we prepared with more details for you to recognize them better.

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