Tailor’s ham – DIY project


Dreamer! In today’s post, we will teach you how to make a tailor’s ham; If you make this project we would love you to share your thoughts in the comment box.

The tailor’s ham it’s ideal for finishing the garments you make.

As it makes it easier to iron darts, open seams, sleeves and in general all the ironing you need to do to give excellent finishes! 

Now let's to make this step-by-step

First of all, the materials you will need:

  • A cutting mat
  • 1 10” x 12” wool cloth
  • 1 10” x 12” cotton manta fabric
  • The tailor’s ham printable template
  • Fabric remnants
  • Universal ruler
  • Rotary cutter
  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Universal needle
  • Chalk

Remember that if you want to purchase any accessories and tools we used in this project… just click in the following link.


Step 1.

Print on a letter size sheet the pattern you will find in the last image of this post.

Then cut it with your paper scissors.

Place the two rectangles of fabric together and place your pattern on top.

Now mark it with the chalk.

  • The pattern includes 1.5cm seam allowance.

Step 2.

Fix with pins the 2 fabrics and cut them.

Step 3.

Place pins in the opening space to mark it.

Step 4.

Sew with straight stitch all around the piece and leave without stitching the opening space.

  • Remember to finish off the seams at the beginning and at the end.

Step 5.

Now cut into little pieces all the fabric remnants you have.

  • You can do this step with scissors or with your rotary cutter.

(The fabric filling makes the heat maintains into the ham)

Step 6.

Make little triangle shape cuts on the curves.

In this way, when you turn out the fabric, the curves forms so good.


Step 7.

Now you can flip the cover over and start filling it with the remnants of fabric.

  • The tailor’s ham should be heavy and hard, so you should compress the filling a lot.

Step 8.

Fold in the excess fabric and sew to close the opening.

And ready! now you have a tailor’s ham.


It’s ideal for ironing open seams, darts, topstitching, and curves.

The shape of the cushion allows you to accommodate each seam.

  • It’s a tool that you can’t miss in your sewing kit.

If you like this post, try the project and start to use this useful tool in your following sewing project.

See you in the next post! Bye for now!

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