How to pleat tulle


Would you like to know how to pleat tulle? Well, today we will show you a straightforward step-by-step to achieve perfect pleats in tulle.

This type of fabric brings a lot of volume to the garments, but it can be a little fragile.

With this technique, you will avoid tearing your fabric when pleating.

You will be able to create a pleat uniformly and ready to be mounted on a skirt, or sleeves with a vaporous and very trendy effect.

Let's know the step-by-step

1. Prepare your tulle canvas

To create the pleats, multiply by 3 the final size of your canvas.


If it should measure 8 in, then you will cut your canvas with a width of 24 in with the length you need.

2. Prepare your sewing machine

Set your machine with a needle, gauge 11, we suggest Schmetz Microtex.


Place a thread of a different shade than the color of your fabric.

We will use nylon thread; we suggest the Gutermann brand.

Now, select zigzag stitch on maximum width, length 4, and set the tension to O.

3. At this point you can start sewing

Line up the edge of the fabric to sew 3 mm from the edge of the fabric.

On top, place one end of the nylon thread aligning with the center of the stitch.

  • Start sewing without overcasting

As you go along, ensure the nylon thread is in the middle of the zigzag stitch.


Sew until the fabric canvas is finished. At the end, knot the threads at one end of your tulle canvas.

4. Create the gathering

Run the fabric through the nylon thread, and little by little, you will notice how the gathers are created.


Distribute the fabric evenly until you get the final size required for your design.

Also, distribute the fabric to achieve a very even gathering.

You can temporarily secure the fabric with wonder clips to avoid damaging your fabric.

5. Fix the gathering

To finish, prepare your machine with thread in the color of your fabric on the needle and bobbin.

Select a straight stitch in length 2.5 and sew the fabric canvas to fix the gathering.


Top stitch at the beginning and at the end.

With your seam ripper and scissors, carefully remove the threads of the zigzag stitch, using a different shade will make it easier to know which threads to remove.

And that's it!

Check this other post on our blog with a super tip to achieve perfect pleats if you work with different fabric types.

Now you know how to pleat tulle in an easy way! Did you notice how uncomplicated it’s to achieve it?

Try these tips, and let us know how it goes.

See you in the netx post… bye for now!

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