How to select the ideal button


Dreamer, in this post, we leave a list of the aspects you should consider in how to select the ideal button when buying them.

Nowadays, when buying buttons, the options are so unlimited that sometimes it’s difficult to decide which button will be the best option for our sewing project?

This is just why this post is for you.

Remember that no matter how small the buttons are, they are a super important element in the garments.

So choosing the suitable model is critical for sewing. So let’s know the aspects of selecting the ideal button!

There are several types of buttons that help us to give the final details to our garments.

We list 5 aspects you should take into account to choose the perfect buttons for your project:


Consider whether your garment needs decorative or functional buttons.



We generally use buttons that match the color of the fabric, but if you want you can use buttons in a contrasting tone to enhance your garment.


We suggest that the thickness be proportional to the thickness of the fabric; that is to say:

  • For light fabrics use thinner buttons to prevent their weight from pulling the fabric.
  • And for thick fabrics use larger and more resistant buttons.


Make sure that the size of the button matches the size of the loop of the garment.


You can use:

  • Small and thin buttons for feminine garments.
  • Classic style for formal garments.
  • Rhinestone buttons to give a touch of shine to the garment.
  • Metallic buttons for thick fabrics such as corduroy or tweed.

Now let's know the types of buttons...


2-hole buttons:

You can use these buttons in all of your projects.

4-hole buttons:

These types of buttons are also for general use.

Covered buttons and ball & half-ball buttons:

With these types, you get the same color and finish as the garment.


Shank buttons:

They are ideal for thick fabrics or eyelets.


Rivet button:

As they are metallic, they are excellent for heavy-duty use.

As a last tip...

Remember to take a fabric sample with you when buying buttons.


It will help you to choose the ideal button too.

Now you know how to select the ideal button and complete and get excellent results and finishes in your garments with a perfect touch by choosing the perfect one according to your project!

You can consider these tips, and you will notice the difference!

Check the other posts on our blog, and start your projects by applying the tips you’d learn here!

We hope this post helps you so much. See you in the following. Bye for now!

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