How to sew a zipper fly


Dreamer! today, we prepared for you a step-by-step post with instructions on how to sew a zipper fly!

Use the presser foot correctly for each sewing project, see its applications, and which stitches you can use it with.


And you can use it for this task.

Don’t worry if this is your first approach to sewing a zip; here is the link to a post we previously prepared for you to sew zips like an expert.

Without further ado, let’s look at the step-by-step.

Step 1

Make a rectangle of 1/2” by the length of your zipper and trace a line at the center along the length.

Step 2

Match with 2 diagonal lines from the edge to the center line forming 2 little rectangles on both sides.

Step 3

Then place a pin on both vertices as shown in the pic.

Step 4

Make a little hole with the seam ripper in the center line.

Step 5

Cut along the center line with your scissors (the pins will serve you as a limit).

Step 6

Remove the pins and cut by the diagonals to the corner.

Step 7

Flip the tabs to create an opening and iron them to flatten seams.

Step 8

Place your zipper with the wrong side facing up on the opening and pin it.

How-to-sew-a-zipper fly-Steps-7-8

Step 9

Select in your sewing machine a straight stitch and sew on the front around the zipper closer to the edge of the opening. 

Don’t forget to pivot the corners. 

Make a couple of stitches on the initial seam…

... and your zipper fly is done!

Try this project, and you will see how easy it’s to achieve.

Also, finally, we will leave you the link to the online shop of our friends at Casa Diaz, where you will find all the accessories we bought to do this project.

Remember that with the necessary tools, your sewing tasks will be much easier to do.

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See you in another post! Bye for now!

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