How to sew sequin fabrics


Dreamer! Today, we leave you this guide on how to sew sequin fabrics to make your sewing projects easier and make them a success.

Stay here and check this info to help you do your projects and seams perfectly if you sew sequin fabrics.

Tips to sew sequin fabric

The patterns arrange

First, avoid pre-washing this fabric, as this type of textiles can be damaged. It’s preferable that you wash when your garment is finished


Place the patterns in the fabric, always respecting the direction of the sequins.

For cutting the fabric

Cut the fabric by placing the right side facing down and what you need to mark do it on the wrong side of the fabric.

For tracing

Now, we recommend doing it with pins or basting by hand, as the marks on chalk, are quickly erased in that textile.

The scissors

Don’t use your fabric scissors to cut this type of material. It’s better to have exclusive scissors to cut through the sequins.


For sewing

Cut the pattern and hand basting by marking the seam line.

You should to remove any sequins crossing the seam line and any in the seam allowances.

For sewing, use the jeans or leather needles of the thickest gauge.

When finish your project, flat and open the seams with your fingers, avoid the use of iron as you can melt the sequins with the heat.

Sewing sequin fabrics can look difficult but following this sewing guide, you will learn how to sew on sequins easily.

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Finally, we hope this post helps you in the following sewing project you use this material.

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