How to square patchwork fabrics

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Dreamers and patchwork lovers, we have for you a tip that you should apply before cutting the pieces of your blocks, in this post we will to show you how to square the patchwork fabrics to get the best results in each of your projects.

To start you must wash and iron the fabric you will use, so you can know if the fabric fades or shrinks before making any cuts and seams.

Also with this step you remove the temporary fabric Sizing that may have.

The next step will be to square our fabrics:

First, you should remove the selvage of the fabric, using your rulers to achieve a straight cut.

As most fabrics are not perfectly perpendicular in the warp and weft, either because of the sizing, ironing, or rolling process.

  • Note: Fold the fabric in half if the measurements exceed the area of your cutting board and the ruler you will use.

Then place the fabric on the cutting surface, with the straight side of your fabric aligned with the base of your cutting board.

  • You can easily guide yourself with the marks on your cutting board

Then square the edges by cutting the excess fabric to get straight edges. To get a better cut, it is best to do this step standing up.


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Squaring the fabric is very important because this way, you will be able to cut the pieces for your block.

Placing your pieces as you need them with the security that they are aligned correctly.

Remember that if you cut to the fabric thread, your pieces will be less elastic; if you cut on the bias, your blocks will have more elasticity, and your design could deform easily.

We hope this tip will help you improve your patchwork projects’ quality. If you make it a habit, you will see great progress in your next quilts.

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Let us know in the comments if you know how to square patchwork fabrics in other ways or add any tips that might be useful to us.

Thank you very much for reading, we send you our best regards. See you in the next post! Bye for now.

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