How to use a seam ripper


Dreamer, for today’s post, we prepared for you a step-by-step tutorial for the correct use of the seam ripper.

A seam ripper is a small sewing tool used for cutting and removing stitches!

And first, we will show you the anatomy of this accessory.

Seam ripper anatomy


The parts of this tool are:

  • Long-pointed side
  • Blade
  • Ball-tipped short side
  • Grip on the handle

With the last one is easy to remove thread residues.

Now the correct use for better results!

Step 1




Step 2

It's important to...

Step 3

  • If you cut with the long pointed side, to the inside of your fabric, you will damage it.


This has soft silicone which allows you to remove residues easily!

  • If you don’t have this one, you can use an eraser.

And you are done!


…to illustrate, we prepared you a video tutorial with these steps; check out it!

Working correctly with the seam ripper will help you to finish your project efficiently without damaging your fabric.

We hope you have enjoyied this post! If you have any doubt, tell us in the comments!

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