How to use the easy hexagon star templates by Omnigrid


Dreamer, an excellent option to get started with quilting is the Omnigrid templates; here, we will show you how to use the easy hexagon star templates.

Step-by-step assembly guide by Omnigrid.

Have you known them?

They are acrylic templates of 3mm thickness, and each piece includes the seam allowance at a 1/4 in. They are ideal to use with the rotary cutter.

The pack includes two pieces (a hexagon and a triangle) to help you create six tip stars.

We recommend always working with 100% cotton fabrics with the prints and colors of your choice for patchwork projects.

If you are in México, you can purchase your easy hexagon star templates with our friends at Casa Díaz. Just click on the link.

Let's start the step-by-step!

Step 1.

Use the easy hexagon star templates and your rotary cutter to mark and cut the pieces.


Step 2.

Form a rhombus by sewing a triangle on two opposite sides of the hexagon, as shown in the pic.

Step 3.

Place two rhombuses face up and sew them together, aligning one of their sides.

Step 4.

Join the rhombuses until the desired length of the canvas is obtained.

Step 5.

Splice the strips joining right side to right side.

Step 6.

Square the edges to make your quilt once you have your canvas of the desired size.


It’s so easy to use. Now you know how to use the easy hexagon star templates! We hope this information has helped you so much.

Don’t doubt it! Buy your templates and start to do quilting projects with these super easy steps.

Please, don’t forget that it’s essential for us to leave in the comments your experience with this step-by-step guide and your pics!

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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