Keep your garments in optimal condition and order

keep-garments-in-optimal-condition-in the closet

Different types of hooks depending on the garment you will place to keep your garments in optimal condition and order in your closet.

So, in the today’s post, we will show you how to achieve it.

There is one for each garment… Let’s to know them!

1. Use wide-shouldered wooden hangers or hooks to hang your shirts, coats, and jackets.

keep-your-garments-i- optimal-condition-and-orderi

2. Velvet hooks are perfect for hanging delicate earrings or skinny straps.

3. Lined hangers are perfect for sweaters and delicate fabrics; their shape prevents marks on the shoulder line.

4. Hooks for skirts, they have special clips to hold the dresses by the waistband and keep it taut to prevent it from deforming.

5. Regardless of the type of pants, these hooks are ideal for keeping your pants in order and also allow you to see all your pants at the same time.


6. Hooks with small spaces, for belts, ties, scarves, and handkerchiefs, you can see the accessories you have.


If you haven’t your hooks, we show you an emergency tip that will help you maintain your garments in place.

Get rubber bands

Place two rubber bands on each end of the hook, giving two or three turns to each end

  • This will help to avoid the garments slips

You will be able to hang garments made of light and slippery fabrics on your hooks without them falling off, deforming, or wrinkling.


Now you will have always in place your garments. We hope this tip will help you so there will be kept in their hooks for much longer.

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This is how to keep garments in optimal condition in the closet! Don’t doubt it, and try these tips.

See you in another post! and bye for now!

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