Knots under an embroidery? – 3 causes and solutions


Dreamer, if you have had complications with your embroidery and notice that knots are forming on the back of the fabric, this publication will help you; we present three causes and solutions to fix the knots under an embroidery.

1. Poorly threaded yarn

This is one of the most common problems; it may seem obvious, but bad initial threading is a cause of knot formation.

So prepare the thread calmly and verify that each threading step is always correct.

2. Stuck thread

It may happen that while the machine is embroidering, the thread strand unwinds, gets loose, and gets stuck with some component.


You must be careful; some types of thread are more prone to this error; the best thing to do is place a net over the spool to hold the line steadily.

3. Bobbin misplaced

This happens because when the bobbin is placed, the thread turns in the opposite

direction, which means that it does not unwind smoothly.


Consult your machine manual for the correct order to set the bobbin thread.

Always use special embroidery threads; this point is very important.

If you’re in México, here we leave the link of our Friends at Casa Díaz; they have a wide variety of threads you can purchase for your following embroidery projects.

We hope that you haven’t more problems with knots under the embroidery with these hacks, or there are fewer with the last solutions.

Thanks for reading us! See you in another post! Bye for now!

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