Lining matters


The lining of the garments you make is essential in your sewing projects. Always put this detail in your creations! It’s elemental because in this way your garments will last longer. And today, we will talk about this important fabric.

Interlining, sometimes referred to as interlining, is the technique of using an additional layer or layers of fabric behind your chosen fashion fabric to change its characteristics.

So, give a different touch to the clothes you make.

1. Choose good quality materials for the lining


The lining of the garments you make is essential. So try to choose materials of good quality to give an excellent finish and resistance to your clothes.

2. Experiment with lining designs


Besides, you can experiment with various designs and contrasts that give a special touch to your creations.

3. Apply diverse patterns


It makes the interior of the garment soft and comfortable to wear, but you can give a different view to your clothes by applying diverse patterns too.

4. Use different textures


A smooth lining makes it easier to slide a coat or jacket over other clothes, and linings give warmth to cold-weather garments, so you can use different textures to achieve that.

Interlining technique

Now let’s to check these 2 essential tips for the lining technique in your projects.

Take them into account in your following sewing projects and get the best results!


Always wash the fabric before you start sewing. This will prevent the material from shrinking.

Some fabrics have synthetic fibers, do an ironing test to check their quality, and you will avoid shrinkage or burning.

Types of lining

Linings provide a neat inside finish and conceal interfacing, padding, the raw edges of seams, and other construction details.

Now know the types of lining you can use according to your project!


Silk lining

  • Can be soft or smooth
  • Can be sheer, semi-sheer or opaque, matte or shiny
  • Good for skin

Wool lining

  • Warm and insulating
  • Breathable
  • Soft

Cotton lining

  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Not Static
  • Good for skin
  • Machine washable

Rayon lining

  • Breathable
  • Static-free
  • Silky soft

Acetate lining

  • Less shiny than polyester
  • Breathable

Polyester lining

  • Soft and shiny
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Cheap
  • Machine washable

Cupro lining

  • Smooth
  • Satiny shiny
  • Breathable
  • Static-free

Once you try to use this detail in your sewing projects, you will notice the neat difference lining will give them.

And for last, but not less important. When cut your molds in the lining, remember that you must cut it following the thread of the fabric.

If you know another tip for this essential element, please write it in the comment box and help us and the Dream it! community too.

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See you in the following post… and bye for now!

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