Magnetic seam guide


Dreamer, today we will show you the magnetic seam guide, a beneficial tool that you will want to use in all your sewing projects.

Using this tool is simple and requires little preparation to work perfectly for any project.

And here we will tell you what it is.

Let's know it!

A magnetic seam guide is a small metal tool that attaches to any stitch plate of a sewing machine near the presser foot.


The magnet helps the fabric that is pulled forward by your sewing machine to stay firmly in place.

Consequently, this gives you a solid, reliable guide for setting seam allowances and sewing perfect straight lines.

This seam guide is easy to mount, adjust, and remove.

It doesn’t require any extra tools or accessories for attachment.


Its heavy-duty magnets remain effective even if you’re working with layers or heavier fabric.

You can use the magnetic seam guide with all sewing machines because it’s different from other types of seam guides.

This is a small simple piece that attaches independently to the sewing machine.

The magnetic seam guide works along with the marks on the needle plate.

It allows you to measure your desired stitch width.

Simply refer to a pattern or personal preference to determine seam allowance.

And then attach the seam guide to the sewing machine using the built-in seam guide measurements to determine accurate placement.


Different fabric types may require different placement of the magnetic seam allowance.

So pay careful attention to the seam allowances during the first few uses of the magnetic guide to ensure proper spacing.

If you, like us, are in love with this perfect tool and don’t have it, don’t worry more…

Here we leave you the link to purchase your guide with our friends at Casa Díaz.

Don’t hesitate and start your following sewing projects with this excellent tool, and get in love with the perfect results you will see in your straight seams or hems.

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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