Make a sewing organizer


Dreamer, for today’s post, we’re showing you a step-by-step guide on how to make a sewing organizer. Continue reading to know the lovely result!

Are you ready to start?

For this project you need…


  • Cutting mat
  • 18″ x 14″ fabric rectangle
  • 8″ x 6″ fabric rectangle
  • 20″ semi rigid plastic
  • 3yd of bias
  • Measuring tape
  • Metal ruler
  • Rotary cutter
  • Paper scissors
  • Little scissors
  • Pins
  • A bag handgrip
  • Thread
  • Marker
  • Special leather needles

Step 1:

Put the plastic on the fabric and mark it at the same width. Then cut it with your paper scissors.

Step 2:

Mark 5″ on the left and right sides of the fabric, mark a line along and cut 3 rectangles.

Step 3:

Put bias on the top of each rectangle.

Step 4:

Now place the bias and sew with zig-zag stitch.

  • Remember to use the special needle.
  • We recommend the zig-zag stitch because it can cover all the width of the bias.

Do the same in the 3 plastics.

Step 5:

Attach each bag from the lower part of the fabric.

Fold the plastic 1cm and sew it with zig-zag stitch.

And repeat the same procedure with the 3 bags.

Let's sew the divisions of our organizer.

Step 6:

For this step, use your hand as a reference of the size.

Then sew the divisions with a straight stitch.


Step 7:

Now put the bias all around and sew it with straight stitch

When you are finishing, fold the bias and give reinforcement stitches.

Now let’s put the handgrip.

Step 8:

First mark the width of your handgrip and cut.

Step 9:

Wrap the bottom of the handgrip with the fabric, give 1.5″ and cut.


Step 10:

Center the handgrip on the organizer.

Make a sandwich with the fabrics on the back and front of the organizer.

Step 11:

Fold the fabric and pin it.

  • You have to fold it in both sides.

Step 11:

Finally, attach the handgrip by sewing with a zig-zag stitch.



We have finished!

Also, we prepared for you the video tutorial to illustrate your steps…

If you want to purchase the accessories we used for this project, here we share with you the link to the online store of our friends at Casa Díaz.

You can find them there.

We hope this sewing organizer has liked you. If you do the project, don’t forget to share it with us in the comment box.

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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