5 Basic materials to work with your embroidery machine


Dreamer, these five basic materials we show follow, should always be in your kit to work with your domestic embroidery machine:

Having them at hand will help you make your work easier and with excellent quality!

Know them:


  • Embroidery needles: These are specially designed to work at a higher velocity avoiding breaks and knots in the thread.

Embroidery threads: Ensure that the threads you use in your embroidery projects are specially for sewing on machines because their filaments are more resistant to the friction made while you are sewing.

Also, this kind of thread avoids knots and gives the project an incredible shine to your embroideries.

Embroidery frames: It is helpful to have many embroidery frames; this will also carry the time between embroideries.

Embroidery scissors: These are perfect for giving detail to your embroideries and help to eliminate the little threads that stay when you have finished embroidering.

Interfacing: You will never forget that having interfacing can help you stabilize your embroidery projects.

In this way, you can make more precise seams and structure the embroidery zones.

Dreamer, as always, we hope this information help you so much if you are starting in the world of embroidery.

Now you know the essential materials to work with an embroidery machine.

So, we hope you don’t hesitate and show us your results applying these tips.

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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