Metallic needle: for domestic sewing or embroidery machines


Dreamer, in today’s post, we will show you the metallic needle, specially designed for use with metallic threads on domestic sewing or embroidery machines.

Remember that if you live in Mexico, find these needles with our friends at Casa Diaz; they have several branches, or you can buy them in their online shop; here, we leave you the link below to see more features and prices.

With metallic needle...


Achieve beautiful decorative seams and guarantee the quality of every stitch with the “Metallic needle” from Schmetz.

It has a 2mm eye designed for metallic sewing threads. We recommend you use the metallic threads by Gutermann.

This needle was designed specially to use these threads, and you can find them in different thicknesses (gauges); you will be able to choose the one that better adjusts to the material you are going to work with.

Don’t forget that these needles are special for domestic sewing machines and can also be used in your domestic embroidery machines.


If you want to purchase a new sewing or embroidery machine for your sewing room, here we leave you the link to check your favorite.

We hope this post will like you and see you in another with more information for your projects. Bye for now!

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