Hummingbird Needle threader


Welcome back to another 123 Dream it post! Today, we’ll show you our new needle threader by the Dritz brand; we hope you love it as us!

Let's know it

This Dritz Hummingbird-shaped Needle Threader is easy to hold and has a hinged protective cap to protect the delicate wire threader for safe storage.


The accessory has a plain point that allows you to make a soft threading when using thick threads and it works with all kinds of threads and embroidery needles.

• First, our needle threader, has an indented side profile for finger placement and gripping.

• Hinged protective cap rotates to back of threader during threading of needle and then rotates back over wire for safe storage.

• Also, it contains a little cutter that allows you to cut your thread.

• Finally, you can find a small lanyard hole in tip of wing for inserting cord or string to keep close by.

How to use it?


1. Introduce...

The eye of the needle in the needle threader.

2. Place...

A yarn at the top of the threader.

3. Slide...

Your needle and pull the wire out of the needle.

And it’s finally done! Now you know you easy is to use it!

Here we leave you the step-by-step video for you to illustrate better how to use it!

So… we hope this post will inspire you to create your projects with new accesories!

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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