Tag and identify your Overlock machine components


Dreamer, in today’s post, we will tell you how to identify the components on your Overlock machine.

Here we will show you the details.

Dreamer, if you are starting to use your overlock machines, congratulations!

This is an excellent addition to your sewing room.

At this point is common to have some problems at the moment to adjust the stitch tensions

Either because we get confused by the stitch guides or because we are overwhelmed by so many threads.

This can limit us from using the machine, so don’t let this happen.

Tag your over!

Tag your overlock as shown in the following images and sew all fabrics as an expert.

To make that easy, and as a result, you will know in a better way your overlock machine.

In addition you will save a lot of time at the moment to adjust each of all the components in your domestic overlock machine.

Now… prepare a bit piece of adhesive tape and permanent markers:


First, start with the help of the user manual of your overlock machine, identify the name and tag each selector according to its function.

We recommend you tag your over machine on the tension regulators to identify and be able to adjust the stitch for each needle or hook.

Also, you could place an indicator on the stitch length and differential selectors.


You will add all the labels and notes that you consider necessary.

With the constant use of your over, you will quit each one.

While you get familiarized with the use of the over, have near your sewing user manual to guide you in the adjustments and procedures for working with it.

So, tag your over and tell us in the comment box if you are ready now for the correct use of it and if you liked this tip.

Let us know if you have another suggestion that could be great for us to talk about and we will be happy to help you.

See you in another post! Bye for now!

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