Patchwork tip – video tutorial


Dreamer, look at this guide for making patchwork blocks that, at joining, helps you to create new creative designs for your quilt projects.

Don’t worry if you have never tried this kind of project, don’t be scared to give it a go…

Also, we prepared a step-by-step video to illustrate to you til the end.

Once you have your favorite fabric prepared, let’s start with this patchwork project tip.

Step 1


Place your fabric on a cutting mat surface and cut 1 square and 4 triangles.

Remember that the sizes depend on the base of your square

For this project we will work with blocks of 6 inches.

So we suggest your triangles measure 4 in on the sides. But you can adjust the sizes as your project requires.

  • Example:
  • Just remember: The triangles correspond at 1/3″ of your square block.

Step 2

Place the triangles on the square corners aligning the edges.
Turn the triangles facing at the square center and sew with a straight stitch.

Step 3


Turn your triangles and match the corners.
Mark the fold, cut the excess on each side of the blocks, and then iron to flatten seams.

It's almost ready...

Last step

Place your blocks facing right sides together and join them.

Repeat the procedure until you have the desired length of canvas for your quilting project.

So easy to do!

Now it’s your time.
We hope you have enjoyed this easy and quick patchwork project tip we prepared for you. Try the project and share with us your creative results in the comment box.

Here we leave you the tutorial video too.

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